Where Are EGO Products Made 2024 (Blowers+Mowers)

E.G.O. is one of North America’s top-class cordless electronics components and radiant heater suppliers.

The company stands on innovation and has manufactured international quality products since 1993. EGO’s products use petrol for performance, but without any fuss, fumes, and noise.

Before experiencing EGO products, let’s have a look at; “Where EGO products are made.”

where are Ego products made

Where are Ego products manufactured in 2024:

EGO products are manufactured in Newnan, Georgia, USA. Newnan is the central warehouse and sales office of the EGO products. Besides Newnan, Mexico and Canada also retain some warehouses.

But EGO’s parent company, Chevron manufactures its products in China, Germany, and Stuttgart. Anyway, EGO produces various types of products.

Now let’s see where precisely the products of EGO are manufactured.

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where are Ego blowers made


EGO blowers are manufactured in Europe, North America, and China.

A 56-volt ARC Lithium battery uses to power cordless EGO blowers. This battery can run on boost mood for around 10 minutes, on high mood for up to 22 minutes, and on low mood for up to 75 minutes.

The company manufactures two types of blowers with varieties of options. Among all, the 765 CFM is the most powerful and the world’s best handheld blower. Types of Blowers are given below;

  • Leaf Blowers
  • Snow Blowers
where are EGO lawn mowers made

Lawn Mowers

EGO lawn mower manufacturers in China and the USA.

In 2014, the company launched the 56-volt OPE line for their lawnmowers. In every charge, they last for up to 50 minutes to cut one’s entire lawn.

Some models for lawnmowers are;

  • Power+ 20” Mower (LM2000-S)
  • 20” Mower with Steel Deck (LM2021)
where are EGO batteries made


EGO batteries are manufactured in China and the USA. Especially, Lithium-ion batteries are manufactured in the US by Johnson Control.

EGO batteries are one of the hot products on the market right now. EGO manufactures batteries from 2.5 Ah to 10.0 Ah. The company’s best models are;

  • Power+ 12.0 AMP
  • Power+ 10.0 AMP

Power Products

EGO power products are manufactured in China, Europe, and North America.

There are so many power products of EGO. Besides, blowers, lawnmowers, and batteries, EGO also manufactures;

  • Edgers
  • Chain Saws
  • Pole Saws
  • Generators
  • Portable Power

Which Ego products are made in the USA?

Products like radiant heating elements of EGO manufactures in the USA. In the USA, the production site is placed in Newnan, Georgia.

The products are combined with glass-ceramics layers and make them fit for households and kitchens for maintaining temperatures. EGO appliance heating elements are;

  • EGO Thick Film Technology
  • EGO Gas Technology
  • EGO Induction Technology

Who manufactures Ego products?

Chervon manufactures EGO products. The manufacturer company is considered one of the top 10 manufacturers of power items worldwide. Its manufacturing plant is in Nanjing, China along with Germany and Stuttgart.

This power tools manufacturer company is a Chinese company. Across 65 countries and over 30,000 stores, products of Chervon are sold.

Besides EGO, Chervon also manufactures products for some well-known brands. They are;

  • FLEX
  • X-Tron
  • Devon
  • Hammerhead
  • SKIL

Does Lowes own EGO?

Actually, Chervon established a partnership deal with Lowes and included EGO. Lowes is located in Mooresville, N.C. The company has been selling EGO products since the end of 2020.

Lowes always offers the leading brands that manufacture power products. The company serves over 18 million consumers a week in Canada and the US.

The company and its related businesses have been operating or servicing over 2,200 hardware stores and home improvement employing more than 300,000 associates.

At Lowes.com, EGO’s manufacturing products are gainable now. They tried to make strong communities through several programs and focused on creating affordable, safe housing.

How long has EGO been in business?

EGO was founded in 1993 and since then it became a body of the international manufacturing business.

For the fastest world, EGO is trying to manufacture some innovative and more exclusive products.

Today, they’re one of the largest power tools manufacturers and produce approximately 10 million units per year.

Is EGO going out of business?

No, EGO is not moving out of business. But they think to discontinue its outdoor power equipment.

Its products are unavailable at Home Depot because EGO made a deal with Lowes to sell its manufacturing products on Lowe’s website.

Right now, Lowe’s is the home center stockist of the brand, EGO.


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