Where Are Dyson Vacuums Made 2024

You might not know the name James Dyson so easily, but the Dyson Company produces vacuum cleaners and much more. Dyson is kind of new to the vacuum cleaner business aside from other brands’ names.

If you want to know more about where are Dyson vacuums made, here’s what you need to know.

Where Are Dyson Vacuums Made

Are Dyson vacuums made in the USA?

Since the Dyson Company was founded in the UK, their vacuums aren’t made in the USA. It’s not an American brand and was designed by a British-born citizen names James Dyson.

Because these vacuums were originally built in the UK, they have moved to another country very recently.

This is so they can be closer to their client base which is mostly in Asia. It’s possible to find Dyson vacuum cleaners being sold in America through online shops such as Amazon.

They are also sold through large chain stores including Best Buy and Home Depot.

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Where are Dyson vacuums made?

In recent years, Dyson vacuums are made in Singapore and in Malaysia. The motor is the only part that is produced in Singapore. Many people have been led to believe that Dyson vacuums are made in China, but this is not true.

Dyson vacuums are now made in factory locations in the Philippines, Malaysia, and even Thailand. It’s not uncommon that some factories that are assembling Dyson vacuums are also testing these machines for quality control.

Each vacuum that is shipped out to distributors all over the world is also checked and tested before they are shipped.

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Is Dyson made in Germany?

Dyson vacuum cleaners have never been made in Germany. What is very obvious is that Germany is a big exporter of Dyson products. The volume of Dyson vacuums and products represents over 1.2 Billion British pounds each year.

These sales are primarily from overseas sales that have shown a lot of interest in countries including Japan. There has also been a steadily growing interest from German consumers who like buying a product from the UK.

Even though Dyson is not located in the UK anymore, German customers are the biggest buyers in the EU.

Is Dyson manufactured in China?

There are no parts of the Dyson vacuum that are made in China. The rest of the parts made for Dyson vacuums are produced in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, and the Philippines. There are rumors that some parts are secretly made in China.

There are even rumors that some parts including rechargeable batteries come from China. Those who work at Dyson have often said that they prefer to keep their factory in Malaysia to get good quality control. Factory work in China is much harder to get good results.

Besides that, Dyson has been fighting with Chinese knock-off products that are popping up with online sellers on Amazon. This is because China does not control what it produces even when products are protected or patented.

Who manufactures Dyson vacuums?

The company called Dyson Limited is the only company that produces and makes Dyson vacuum cleaners. Factories in Singapore, Thailand, and the Philippines indeed have slightly different factory names that are registered for business. They are all separate divisions of the Dyson Company.

This means that they have the Dyson name attached to a factory that is set up in Malaysia or the Philippines. The first main factory that was built for Dyson is located in Singapore and also shares the Dyson name. It has the advantage to produce 4 million digital motors per year.

All of the rest of the vacuum parts are made in Malaysia, The Philippines, and Thailand. Once these are assembled in these factories, they are tested and then packaged. Each factory has a testing area to make sure Dyson vacuums are working before they are shipped to wholesale dealers and buyers.

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How much do Dyson appliances cost?

The average price range for Dyson vacuum appliances is $300 to $1000 per vacuum. Many people have often mentioned that Dyson vacuums are pricy compared to low-cost alternatives. Only Dyson has the technology that doesn’t require vacuum bags to separate dirt and particles.

They also make bladeless fans, washing machines, and many other home appliances. These appliances are also considered pricy, but the quality cannot be beaten. Compared to the cost of cheaper appliances, they don’t last nearly as long as Dyson products can.

Where can I buy Dyson appliances?

Dyson products and appliances are easy to buy at most retail stores everywhere. They also have a strong selling point now from online shops like Amazon. The official Dyson website also helps buyers and customers to find replacement parts or add-on pieces for their vacuums.

It’s common to find Dyson vacuums being sold at The Home Depot and even local stores like Best Buy. Upscale houseware stores like Bed Bath and Beyond sell Dyson vacuums as well.

How long should a Dyson vacuum last?

On average (per the Dyson vacuum model), these vacuum cleaners will last at least 10 years. As long as a customer is taking good care of their vacuum, it can last longer with regular maintenance. Most of the cheaper vacuum cleaners will not last this long at all.

The amount that a Dyson vacuum gets used will also affect the lifespan of a vacuum. Even the amount of work that the motor has to do will likely cause a vacuum to fail after a while. Each vacuum has a warranty that covers 2 to 5 years.

The length of the warranty depends on the vacuum that’s bought in the US. This allows vacuums that stop working within this time to have repairs done for free.

Why did Dyson move to Malaysia?

The move from the UK to Malaysia was to save Dyson on the increasing labor costs in the UK. The founder- James Dyson, has also made statements about the European Union and its monopoly-like deals with big corporations. Dyson announced its move to Singapore in 2019.

The positive point of starting a factory for making motors in Singapore was shipping these quickly to Malaysia. This would create the perfect cluster of factories that could create Dyson appliances faster and more effectively.

Many times, there have been rumors of forced labor in Singapore because of many migrants from Bangladesh and Nepal. Because the owner James Dyson is from the UK, the Dyson Company hasn’t been using forced labor in its factories.

Where is Dyson headquarters?

The new headquarters for Dyson is located at the St. James Power Plant in Singapore. This old power plant was renovated into office space which took 2-years. It started in 2019 to 2021. The Dyson company staff officially started to move to the new headquarters by the end of 2021.

The headquarters location was originally a coal-powered plant that needed a lot of work to fix up on the inside. This is why it took 2 years to get it ready for the corporate move. Before this, the Dyson UK headquarters were located in Malmesbury since 1993.