Where Are Diehard Batteries Made 2024 – Is It Made in US?

For the automotive industry, batteries are essential elements. In terms of trust and affordability, DieHard batteries are one of the leading brands in America and worldwide.

where are Diehard batteries made

DieHard batteries supply the exact amount of energy and voltage needed to start a vehicle. You may wonder,  where are DieHard batteries manufactured?

DieHard batteries are manufactured in the USA by Johnson Controls. It is the biggest battery manufacturer in the USA.

Besides DieHard, Clarrios LLC also manufactures Costco’s Kirkland battery and Interstate batteries.

where are Diehard tools made

Where are Diehard tools made?

DieHard tools are made in the US by Advanced Auto Parts. The headquarters of DieHard tools are placed at 1234 Irwin Dr. Erie, PA, 16505-4830 US.

The company manufactured metalworking machines. Some tools made by DieHard are given below;

  • Hand Tools
  • Power Tools
  • Jack, Creepers, & Lifts
  • Tools Storage
  • Air Tools
  • Compressors
where are DieHard boots made

Where are Diehard boots made?

DieHard boots are made in the USA. Boots are manufactured by Rock Rooster.

Rock Rooster always made long-lasting and premium quality shoes. There are a few benefits of DieHard boots. Some types of boots made by DieHard are;

  • Soft Toe Boots
  • Composite Toe Boots
who makes the DieHard battery now

Who makes the DieHard battery now?

The durable and first-class DieHard batteries are made by Clarios LLC for Advanced Auto Parts Inc. Advance Auto Parts Inc is considered the popular aftermarkets tools and parts provider. DieHard became a part of the company in 2019.

Clarios LLC also manufactures other battery companies, including Varta, AC Delco, Duralast, and many others. The company’s headquarters is located in Raleigh, North Carolina.

Right now, they have 150 Worldpac branches which operate more than 4,912 stores in Canada and the US. The parts company was established by Arthur Taubman in 1932.

More than 1,250 Carquest-branded shops are operated by Advance Auto Parts across Turks, Mexico, Caicos, Bahamas, and the British Virgin Islands. However, Johnson Controls retained Globe-Union at some point and even continued manufacturing DieHard batteries.

Later Johnson handed over their battery sector to Clarios LLC. Then Advance Auto Parts bought the battery company from Sears in 2019. Now they are interested in increasing the supply of its battery sections.

where do DieHard batteries come from

Where do DieHard batteries come from?

DieHard batteries come from Advance Auto Parts, Carquest stores, and Sears.

The DieHard company was formed in 1967 through Sears Roebuck & Company and expanded by Globe-Union Battery. Next, the owner of the DieHard batteries acquired Globe-Union.

In 2019, Advance Auto Parts bought shares from Sears for $200 million and supplied DieHard batteries since then. Recently, the battery company tried to manufacture batteries for marine and recreational applications.

Are DieHard and Duralast made by the same company?

No, DieHard and Duralast batteries are not made by the same company. Advanced Auto Parts, Inc manufactures DieHard batteries. Whereas, Johnson Controls International makes Duralast batteries.

The DieHard battery is similar to the Duralast battery’s performance. They both are available at AutoZone and Sears stores. There are four types of Duralast batteries. They are;

  • Duralast Regular: Entry-level battery. Some typical specs are; CA: 710, RC: 90, and CCA: 575. Warranty for 2 years.
  • Duralast Gold: It consumes extreme temperatures. Here, are some of the gold batteries are; CA: 765, RC: 100, and CCA: 640. Warranty for 3 years with replacement.
  • Duralast Platinum: It can deliver lower amounts of electricity for a long period. Platinum batteries are; CA: 885, RC: 120, and CCA: 710. Offers 3 years of warranty with free replacement.

Who owns Diehard batteries?

Advance Auto Parts, Inc has owned DieHard batteries since 2019. The batteries are distributed by Advance, Sears, Carquest, and AutoZone stores. Globe-Union company develops its batteries.

In 2020, Advance Auto Parts introduced its Platinum automotive battery, the battery that can run under the water. In the same year, they launched a campaign about “DieHard is Back.” 

Wrap up

From lighting to ignition, car batteries need to supply the proper amount of electricity. The automotive industry offers you a massive extent of battery brands. But DieHard batteries are the top most reasonable and reliable options in the market.

There exist different speculations about DieHard batteries. DieHard supplies lots of options to find out suitable batteries for their vehicles. That’s why the company is so popular nowadays.