Where Are Coolina Knives Made 2024

Coolina Knives are made in China.

According to the manufacturer, Coolina Knives are designed in Serbia. Later, they handcraft your favorite Coolina Knives in China.

This article will answer key questions relating to Coolina factories, built-in materials, company profiles, distribution centers, and so on. Stay tuned…

where are Coolina knives made

Are Coolina Knives made in the USA?

The answer is NO. Coolina Knives are not made in the USA. Rather, the manufacturer makes Coolina Knives in China.

Using high-carbon steel, the Coolina manufacturer makes their premium Coolina Knives in China. Before manufacturing, they designed their knives in Serbia.

Hand-forged Coolina Knives are capable of cutting ribs, Veggies, Brisket, and so on. Besides, these USA-made Coolina Knives are hefty in your hand with great feel and balance.

In 2018, Coolina Knives were ranked as the Serbian Chef’s Knife. Coolina designs its Knives in Serbia. Consequently, it is also known as the Serbian Chef’s Knife.

However, the manufacturer doesn’t make Coolina Knives in the USA. Production cost in the USA is comparatively higher than in China.

This is why Coolina doesn’t make their knives in the USA.

Below is the list of USA-made knife brands. Find yours…

  • Benchmade
  • Buch Knives
  • Kershaw
  • W.R. Case
  • Spyderco

In the United States, Ka-Bar makes military-grade knives. The USA-made Ka-Bar knife is both a utility and military-grade tool.

However, Coolina Knives are not manufactured in the USA. It’s a Chinese product.  

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who is Coolina USA

Who is Coolina USA?

Coolina USA is a fully distributed eCommerce brand in the Kitchen. It was established in 2017 creating a team of creative people working and living in different countries around the world.

Have a look at the team members of Coolina with their designations —

  • Ilya — Cofounder
  • Sergey — Cofounder
  • Gohar — Human Resources
  • Vera — Operations
  • Helen — Operations
  • Dmitriy — Marketing
  • Hovsep — Marketing
  • Karla — Marketing
  • Julia — Marketing
  • Tsusho — Studio Team
  • Mher — Studio Team
  • Michael — Marketing

Hence, 12 creative members are exclusively working behind Coolina.

Initially, the idea of founding Coolina came from Sergey and Ilya. They share their passion for handmade knives for cooking.

At that time, it was very difficult to find authentic, high-quality handmade knives at affordable prices. From this drawback, Sergey and Ilya decided to establish Coolina.

Since then, Coolina has come a long way. They have sold over 150k knives all over the world.

Coolina has still been manufacturing and selling its knives throughout the world. They are promised to bring you the best cooking experience that you deserve whether at home or outdoors, from simple meals.  

are Coolina knives made in China

Are Coolina Knives made in China?

Yes, Coolina Knives are made in China.

Coolina manufacturing plants are mostly located in China. They have some advanced manufacturing facilities in China.

Though Coolina makes its knives in China, its knife design is done in Serbia. Hence, many people call it the Serbian Chef’s Knife.

Using the carbon steel blade, the manufacturer makes Coolina knives in their Chinese manufacturing facilities. The use of Carbon steel blades makes Coolina knives sharp for a long time compared with stainless steel.

The use of carbon steel also makes Coolina knives super easy to sharpen. The drawback of Coolina knives is their rustiness.

Hot water and moisture are the biggest causes of rust. Hence, you need to avoid hot water and moisture while using Coolina knives.

In short, Coolina knives are manufactured in China using carbon steel blades.

Where does Coolina ship from?

Coolina knives generally ship from China. In the United States, they have a warehouse in Texas.

As a result, if you order Coolina knives staying in the USA, it will take 3-8 business days to import them from the Coolina warehouse in Texas.

If the stock of Coolina knives in the Texas warehouse runs out, they will import from China.

In this case, the delivery time might take between 1 and 2 weeks. These one or two weeks are spent restocking their Texas-based warehouse.

FedEx mainly ships Coolina knives from China to the United States. They need at least two business days to ship your desired products.  

What kind of steel are Coolina Knives made from?

Coolina knives are made from Carbon Steel.

The manufacturer feels proud to say that Coolina knives come sharp and stay sharp. They make sure that you can use the Coolina knife right out of the box.

Though there are many drawbacks to using Carbon Steel, Coolina knives are super sharp because of this steel.

Who owns Coolina Knives?

Entrepreneurs Sergey and Ilya are the owners of Coolina Knives.

Throughout the history of Coolina Knives, Sergey and Ilya were the first passionate people who shared the same passion for handmade knives within their budget.

To fulfill their dreams, these two passionate people founded Coolina in 2017.