Where are CeraVe Products Made 2024 – Is it USA made?

CeraVe is an American brand that offers a complete line of skincare products. Since 2005, this brand’s Multivesicular Emulsion Technology (MVE) has gained enormous popularity.

CeraVe products contain a unique blend of three essential ceramides with their MVE technology.

The first thing you should know before purchasing CeraVe is: “Where are CeraVe products made?

Where are CeraVe Products Made

Here is a short answer to where is CeraVe made:

CeraVe products are predominantly made in France and the United States.

This brand was developed by American dermatologists in the United States. In 2017, CeraVe was acquired by L’Oréal. Since then, CeraVe products have been leveled with made-in-France.

Under the L’Oréal group, CeraVe products are made in more than 43 manufacturing plants worldwide.  

Is CeraVe made in the USA?

Before 2017, CeraVe was a 100% USA-made skincare brand. As mentioned, L’Oréal acquired CeraVe in 2017. Currently, CeraVe products come with made-in-France tags. Nonetheless, CeraVe is well-endorsed by the American dermatologist.

Currently, the L’Oréal cosmetic giant has globally 43 manufacturing plants. They have factories in China as well.

In 2005, CeraVe was founded in the United States. Initially, this brand was a 100% USA-based skin care products manufacturer. But it no longer remained an American brand after L’Oréal acquired this brand.

Though CeraVe is now acquired by L’Oréal, they have endorsed American dermatologists in their firm. Consequently, CeraVe is still carrying the traditional USA moisture.

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Where is CeraVe lotion made?

CeraVe lotion is made in both France and the United States.

The L’Oreal Group is now manufacturing the CeraVe lotion. Considering both the USA and European environment, CeraVe lotion gets its ingredients. They propose a wide range of effective care for skin types and the whole family.

CeraVe lotion contains different ingredients for Europe and the United States. According to the CeraVe manufacturers, the sun filters used in CeraVe differ for Europe and the United States.

European CeraVe lotion contains a different filter system. There is a slight change in texture in the European CeraVe lotion. Nonetheless, both USA and European CeraVe lotions have the same level of ceramides and skin benefits.

Is CeraVe from China?

CeraVe is not from China. But there are three manufacturing plants of the L’Oréal group in China. As L’Oréal acquired CeraVe in 2017, consumers are going crazy considering Chinese factories. According to the manufacturing authority, CeraVe is not from China.

In China, you can easily find CeraVe products. CeraVe sells its products in China. But, in terms of manufacturing, CeraVe products are not made in China. Rather, they are made in the USA and France.

Consumers are raising Chinese issues after L’Oréal purchased CeraVe. “Is CeraVe made in China?” became their key question. The manufacturers have ensured that CeraVe is not made in China though there are three factories of the L’Oréal group in China.  

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Is CeraVe made in France?

Yes, CeraVe is made in France. Being a subsidiary of L’Oréal Group, CeraVe products are predominantly made in France.

The majority of CeraVe lotions are made in France. Some of their production lines are made in the United States. Ingredients of CeraVe products are also different considering the weather conditions of different countries.

Made-In-France CeraVe lotion covers the consumers’ demand in Europe. They also supply their products worldwide. Most of the CeraVe products are now leveled with made-in-France. Hence, CeraVe is made in France.

Who founded CeraVe?

Tom Allison founded the skincare brand — CeraVe.

In 2005, Tom Allison founded CeraVe. He first brought the MVE technology to CeraVe. The innovative idea of CeraVe came from skin conditions such as eczema, acne, dry skin, and psoriasis.

Tom Allison is an experienced CPG executive. He is now working as the vice president of CeraVe. Before CeraVe, Tom worked for a large pharmaceutical company. CeraVe founder Tom Allison has an estimated net worth of $290 Thousand.  

Where is CeraVe sold?

CeraVe products are sold worldwide. CeraVe currently offers 70 skincare products globally. In the UK, you can easily find 15 CeraVe products. CeraVe moisturizing cream has gained enormous popularity in the UK market.

In March 2019, CeraVe launched its products in the Australian market. This affordable skincare brand has become a staple in the Australian market.

CeraVe products are also available in India. CeraVe is expanding its business toward Asia — especially targeting India and China.

You can easily purchase CeraVe products online and by visiting retail stores. To find your nearest CeraVe retail stores, visit this link:


Online, CeraVe products are available on:

  • Amazon
  • Walmart
  • Target
  • CVS Pharmacy
  • Kroger
  • Costco Wholesale
  • Rite Aid Pharma

You may prefer Amazon to other online platforms. Amazon offers seasonal discounts. Hence, you can easily purchase your favorite CeraVe products at a discount.

Where is CeraVe the cheapest?

In the USA, CeraVe products averagely cost between $15 and $20. In the UAE market, CeraVe products will cost you Dhs50 to Dhs100. Compared to other markets, CeraVe products are mostly affordable in the UAE.

In Dubai, the CeraVe cleanser costs only AED 33. CeraVe products are super affordable compared to its competitors — Cetaphil, Bioderma, and Avene. They are providing their products worldwide. Hence, you can easily find CeraVe products in your nearest shops.    

Who manufactures CeraVe?

The L’Oréal group is now manufacturing CeraVe products.

CeraVe became a subsidiary of the L’Oréal group in 2017. Before L’Oréal, CeraVe was a 100% USA-made skincare brand. Currently, CeraVe products are made in the US. L’Oréal Group is now manufacturing CeraVe products in their 43 manufacturing plants in the world.  

Is CeraVe a Canadian brand?

No, CeraVe is not a Canadian brand. Rather, it is now a semi-American brand. L’Oréal acquired CeraVe and three Canadian brands for $1.3 billion. As a subsidiary of L’Oréal, CeraVe no longer remained a USA brand.