Where Are Cartier Glasses Made 2024 – (All Country Listed)

If you have watched the 2019 movie, Uncut Gems, you will notice Adam Sandler wearing Cartier glass.

You will find a lot of celebrities wearing Cartier glasses because of their high class, top materials, and fantastic design.

Hence, you may wonder “Where Are Cartier Glasses Made?

Cartier glasses are prominently manufactured in France. The Cartier factory in France is located at Joinville-Le-Pont, Paris.

Because of the exploded demand over the last few years, Cartier is manufacturing some of its pieces in Italy and Japan.

where are Cartier glasses made

In Japan, the Cartier manufacturer makes its premium Titanium glasses.

Cartier eyewear is made using the below materials:

  • Titanium
  • Steel
  • Solid Gold

Besides, the manufacturer uses some exceptional materials like:

  • Buffalo Horn
  • Bubinga Wood
  • Carbon
  • Leather
  • Onyx

While manufacturing, Cartier follows distinctive codes that have made Cartier stylish and unique.

are Cartier glasses made in Italy

Are Cartier glasses made in Italy?

Yes, some Cartier glasses are exclusively manufactured in Italy.

The manufacturer mainly makes Cartier glasses in France. As the demand for these glasses has increased, they have to expand their manufacturing facilities.

Consequently, Cartier has production facilities in Italy and Japan.

Italy is famous for luxury sunglasses frames. The below brands manufacture luxury sunglasses in Italy:

  • Gucci
  • Ray-Bans
  • Trussardi
  • Police
  • Oakley

Kering Eyewear generally makes glasses for Cartier. In 2014, Kering Eyewear launched its startup in Italy. Three years later, they signed a strategic partnership deal with Richemont. 

Richemont Group is the parent company of Cartier.   

Consequently, Kering Eyewear has been manufacturing some Cartier glasses in Italy. Outside Italy, Kering has manufacturing facilities in Japan.

who manufactures Cartier eyewear

Who manufactures Cartier eyewear?

The Italian company, Kering Eyewear, manufactures Cartier Eyewear due to a strategic partnership deal in 2017. This deal includes the development and manufacturing of Cartier’s eyewear.

In France, Kering Eyewear prominently makes glasses for Cartier. They also have manufacturing plants in Italy and Japan. In these factories, Kering Eyewear makes some of Cartier’s key models.

Apart from Cartier, Kering Eyewear makes glasses for numerous renowned brands. Some of these renowned brands are:

  • Lindberg
  • Gucci
  • Saint Laurent
  • Balenciaga
  • Dunhill
  • Puma
  • Brioni
  • Pomellato

Kering can manufacture advanced glasses. This company has a dynamic and diverse workforce of more than 42.8k employees!

In 2021, Kering Eyewear grossed a record revenue of 17.6 billion euros. This eyewear group has become a leading player in the luxury industry.  

How can I tell if Cartier’s glasses are real?

Cartier glasses are comparatively expensive. This brand of glasses has identical serial numbers and authenticity.

To determine the authenticity, you should follow some guidelines given by Cartier.

Firstly, you should check the overall quality. Being such an expensive one, the appearance and boxes should be gorgeous.

Secondly, you should check the spelling. Examine the signature given on each Cartier glass. Real Cartier glasses won’t have any scratches in the frames.

Thirdly, check the serial number. This one is important. If the serial number on Cartier glasses doesn’t match, these glasses will be fake.

Finally, you should closely check various parts of Cartier glasses with any engravings or etching. Try to purchase Cartier glasses from verified online marketplaces or retailers.

Before purchasing, you should gather knowledge from the Cartier website. If you have any queries, ask them directly.

By doing so, you can spot the fake Cartier glasses.

Are Cartier frames made in Japan?

The answer is YES. Some Cartier frames are manufactured in Japan.

Cartier makes its glasses at the manufacturing facilities of Kering Eyewear. In Italy, Japan, and France, Kering Eyewear has a lot of factories.

Kering Eyewear makes Cartier frames in Japan to distribute its products in Asian countries. The demand for Cartier glasses has grown dramatically.

Consequently, the manufacturer of Cartier glasses has expanded its manufacturing units to Japan.

Don’t worry about manufacturing quality. Cartier authority has ensured the quality of the Japanese frames. These Cartier frames are internationally recognized.  

Wrap Up

Cartier has been leading the competitive glass markets after some big names. Cartier glasses are often seen on the faces of numerous celebrities. The manufacturer makes these glasses in advanced technological factories.