Where Are Carrier Air Conditioners Made 2024

Carrier is a leading manufacturer of HVAC equipment, and its air conditioners are among the most popular on the market.

The company offers a wide range of models, from small units designed for single rooms to large, commercial-grade systems.

Before buying Carrier AC you may wonder; where are Carrier air conditioners made?

Carrier air conditioners are made in the US, France, Spain, India, Texas, and China. Today, Carrier has been operating 67 manufacturing utilities in six different regions.

where are Carrier air conditioners made

Carrier is a subsidy of Carrier Global Corporation. The corporation is one of the leading universal providers of safe, healthy, cold chain solutions,  and sustainable buildings.

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Is Carrier AC made in China?

Yes, Carrier AC is China-made. The carrier commenced its first manufacturing plant in Shanghai.

From 2021, the Chinese people are enjoying its facilities. They are manufacturing light and airside commercial HVAC products. In China, the Carrier is belonging to the innovation of HVAC, fire security, and refrigeration.

Shanghai Manufacturing Facility: Carrier invests $110 million in the manufacturing plant in Shanghai. The new plant covers a field of approximately 96,000 square meters.

who manufactures Carrier air conditioners

Who manufactures Carrier air conditioners?

Carrier air conditioners are manufactured by United Technologies Corporation since 1979. At first, the brand (Carrier) was named after the Carrier Air Conditioning Company.

Besides, International Comfort Products was obtained by Carrier and its headquarters is located in Lewisburg, Tennessee. Initially, Carrier was using the name “Day & Night”, but shut the name in the 90s’. Later the name was revived by ICP in 2006. 

In 2001, Carrier had become the largest manufacturer of heating, refrigerator equipment, and air conditioning. That year Carrier generated a revenue of $9 billion with the employment of 42,600. 

Where Are Carrier air conditioners assembled?

Carrier air conditioners are assembled in France, Spain, and the US. The biggest plant for assembling air conditioners is located at 700 Avenue Jean Falconnier, France.

At that site, products like air-hunting units, fan coil units, close control units, and dry coolers are assembled.

Carrier air conditioners are maintaining the legacy of Willis Carrie. They mainly focused on sustainability and energy efficiency. Witmer and Ross have been fetching these facilities to the consumers in the land of Charlotte since 1945.

where can I buy Carrier air conditioners

Where can I buy Carrier air conditioners?

Carrier air conditioners are one of the world’s leading high-technology products. As a part of it, people are showing their interest in buying carriers’ air conditioners. The air conditioners of Carrier are available in their physical shops.

Besides, Carrier is selling its products on various online marketplaces like Amazon and Walmart. There are a few air conditioning models displayed by Carrier. A brand-new air conditioner might cost from $3,300 to $6,250 including installation charges.

Mainly, the price of a unit depends on its size and customization. A three-ton air conditioner can easily meet up the requirement of a 2,000 square feet home and it will cost nearly $5,894.

Prices of Carrier AC Per Unit:

Home Sq.FeetAC Unit SizeAC Unit CostTotal Installation Cost
600 to 10001.5 ton$1750$4,892
1000 to 13002 ton$1,845$5,230
1900 to 22003.5 ton$2,235$6,025
2600 to 32005 ton$2,787$7,224

Carrier Air Conditioner Warranty: This is one of the most reliable brands on the market right now. The carrier issued a long-term comprehensive warranty for the consumers. They offered 10 years of repair after installing its ac units.

Equally, Carrier allows its customer a few years of replacement guarantee if they experienced any problems. Durability and a great warranty policy are added bonuses for Carrier. All over the states, the Carrier team is prepared for supporting its consumers.


Carrier offered lots of desirable air conditioners considering the other brands. They are quite innovative and retain better knowledge about their consumer demands. High-efficiency air conditioners are offered by this premium brand, Carrier.

Something that fascinates people is that Carrier has a strong reputation and long history behind its name.