Where Are Bombas Socks Made 2024 – Is It made in USA?

Bombas socks are made in the USA, Taiwan, Peru, and China.

The vast majority of socks are extensively manufactured in Asia. But Bombas socks are mostly marketed focusing on the American apparel industry due to high demands.

Where Are Bombas Socks Made

Currently, the company exports its products to numerous locations around the world. At this time, they proudly ship their manufactured socks to Australia, Canada, the UK, and so on.

Besides socks, Bombas also manufactures and sells underwear, t-shirts, and slippers to the markets. Let’s learn where these specific products are manufactured.

Product nameManufacturing location
UnderwearUSA, Taiwan, and China

In recent years, Bombas has built an excellent reputation as some of the most comfortable and premium socks you can buy.

Bombas socks made in the US

Are Bombas socks made in the US?

The answer is “Yes.” Bombas socks are made in the US but not vastly.

There are manufacturing facilities as well as corporate offices in Manhattan, New York. About 90% of socks are sold in the U.S.

Bombas manufactures not only socks but also underwear & slippers at the same location. There is a large warehouse as well in New York.

After manufacturing, they distribute all of the products across the country from the warehouse. They individually make socks for men, women, and kids.

A little number of Bombas socks are made in the US. Sometimes, you could not find “Made in America” tags on the products.  Because the company mostly manufactures its socks outside of the USA.

By the way, apart from the United States, Bombas socks and its other apparel items are made all around the world including China, Taiwan, and Peru.

is Bombas a US company

Is Bombas a US company?

Yes, Bombas is undoubtedly a US company.

The company’s production plant, warehouse, corporate office, and other facilities are based in the United States. Even, all of the processing from manufacturing to selling are controlled from the US-based headquarters.

Bombas’ headquarter is located in New York City, New York. It was founded in 2013 focusing on the American clothing industry.

The company is still doing business in the USA and gained enormous popularity. Hence, we can say that Bombas is a proud American apparel brand.

Within a couple of years, the brand expanded its business to several locations outside of the United States.

why are Bombas socks made in China

Why are Bombas socks made in China?

Bombas socks are made in China because the brand can produce top-quality products as well as be fully compliant from not only labor but also sourcing standpoints.

In China, labor costs are lower than in North American countries. Besides, Chinese manufacturers can produce quality products using domestic materials.

Over the years, China is famous for its world-class manufacturing facilities & skilled craftsmen. Bombas can easily distribute its products across Asian countries from China.

In that case, the company is able to sell its products at a low cost and within short a time as well. These are the most expected things that any company can get at the China-based factory.

Are Bombas socks ethically made?

Yes, Bombas socks are ethically made. It is a Certified B Corporation.

That means the company has scored well in terms of environmentally friendly materials sourcing, ethical production, and employee-friendly.

There is no child labor in the company. Instead, lots of skilled craftsmen and laborers are working to manufacture Bombas socks and its other apparel.

On the other hand, the brand is supporting homeless people by donating clothing items. Surprisingly! Bombas donated more than 35 million pairs of socks by 2020.

Who owns Bombas socks company?

Randy Goldberg & David Heath currently own Bombas.

They are not only the owners but also the founders of the socks company. In 2013, they received funding & launched the brand in the American clothing industry.

One year after its foundation, Randy and David appeared on ABC’s Shark Tank for getting a huge investment. At the time, they secured a deal with Daymond John.

By 2018, Bombas exceeded $100 million in revenue. However, it has no parent company right now. Hence, Randy & David Heath are the present owners of Bombas.

Where is Bombas socks headquarters?

Bombas’ headquarters is located in New York City, New York.

About 10 years ago, the company started its business journey by manufacturing high-end socks. Till now, Bombas has sold millions of pairs of socks and donated as well.

The brand is continuing to innovate new socks and apparel at the same time expanding its business over the world.