Where Are Awara Mattress Made 2024

Awara is widely known as a direct-to-consumer mattress company. It sells bedding products like mattresses, pillows, sheets, and bed frames.

This brand provides two types of mattresses- Natural Hybrid Mattresses and Premier Natural Hybrid Mattresses.

This product demand has risen at a rapid rate within a couple of years. Currently, the Awara mattress is an in-demand product.

Let’s find out where this new brand actually makes its mattresses in 2024.

Awara mattresses are manufactured in China. A China-based manufacturing plant makes eco-friendly sleeping products and sells them worldwide.

where are Awara mattress made

This new brand sells not only mattresses but also pillows, sheets, and other bedding products. It is widely known as the sister brand of Nectar and DreamCloud mattresses.

Because Awara mattresses are manufactured by the same company, that is also responsible for making Nectar and DreamCloud mattresses. This mattress company has taken place among the world’s most popular mattress brands within a short period.

It is possible just because of its organic and eco-friendly materials. The majority of the materials come from New Zealand. However, some materials are also collected from Sri Lanka.

Strengths of Awara mattresses are:

  • 100% Natural Wool.
  • Chemical-free fire retardant.
  • Made with latex foam.
  • Certified by Rainforest Alliance.

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is Awara mattress made in China

Is Awara mattress made in China?

The answer is “Yes.” Awara manufactures its mattresses in China.

This brand has its manufacturing factory in China. From the manufacturing plant, all of the products are distributed across the world. Awara mattresses are assembled in the United States and sold through wholesalers or retailers.

Currently, this brand is on people’s choice list due to its organic materials. The company chose China for creating the mattress-making factory on account of its world-class manufacturing facilities.

As a result, the quality of these products always remains high. On the other hand, China provides the best shipping facilities with easier ways around the world at an affordable cost.

Though Awara mattresses are manufactured in China, the majority of their materials are collected from outside of this country. New Zealand is a well-known supplier of 100% organic wool for the mattress brand.

where are Awara beds made

Where are Awara beds made?

Awara manufactures its beds in several countries including China. Currently, the majority of its consumer goods are made in a China-based manufacturing factory.

Awara makes these beds with premium materials like sustainable wood and strong steel. It can be compared with the world’s popular bed-manufacturing companies.

Its durable and high-quality materials make the beds unique and comfortable. At this time, the Awara bed is a demandable product in the US market with solid performance and reasonable prices.

The well-known American brand sourced materials and manufactured the beds in international countries. Surprisingly, Awara provides a generous 365-night sleep trial for making your decision to buy the product.

Is Awara mattress made in the USA?

No, Awara has not made mattresses in the United States yet.

At present, the popular mattress is only made in China. Awara started its mattress-making journey in a Chinese manufacturing plant with a certain number of skilled employees.

From the very beginning, Awara has been making its mattresses in only one country. However, this brand’s fame is increasing day by day. The company might expand its manufacturing plant in other countries in the future.

China can make genuine and eco-friendly consumer goods. Additionally, there has been also an easier way of shipping those products to the USA.

However, Awara mattresses are not made in the USA. After manufacturing in China, the mattresses shifted to the US home products market.

Some American mattress brands at a glance:

  • Serta, Inc.
  • Sealy, Inc.
  • Symbol Mattress, Inc.
  • Sleep Innovations.
  • Restonic Mattress Corporation.

Who makes Awara mattresses?

Resident Home makes Awara mattresses. It is a third-party mattress manufacturing company.

This is an American direct-to-consumer goods company that offers bedroom furniture as well as bedding products including mattresses. It operates multiple mattress brands besides Awara.

The brand provides free shipping across the United States. Awara has aimed to use natural materials including organic cotton, wool, and latex to make the mattresses comfortable.

Is Awara owned by Nectar?

No, Awara isn’t owned by Nectar.

Both these two brands are subsidiary companies. They are similar to each other according to their sleeping products. Both companies are operated by a third-party American company.

However, the quality of their products is quite different despite being operated by the same parent company. Not only Awara but also a couple of well-known mattress companies are subsidiary companies of Resident Home.

Nectar, DreamCloud, Siena, Cloverlane, and Awara are the sister brands that are operated & controlled by the same company from the USA.

Who owns Awara mattress?

Awara Mattress is owned by Resident, a home products company.

The mattress company was founded in 2019. Awara became one of the most demandable mattress companies in the United States. This brand achieved its name & fame for manufacturing the luxury hybrid mattress. 

Bottom Line

Awara is a China-made mattress company that offers high-quality sleeping products. It provides bedding products at reasonable prices along with free trials & shipping.

Awara mattresses are manufactured with many harmless & environmentally friendly materials to support better sleep. It uses strong and sustainable materials to ensure its long-term warranty. So, don’t worry about its longevity.