Where Are Avocado Mattress Made 2024

Avocado is a well-known Climate Neutral Certified & handcrafted mattress brand. It is one of the world’s most sustainable brands that provide mattresses, pillows, toppers, and bedding at an affordable price. 

Avocado mattresses are widely popular and durable goods in the consumer markets. It features a 1-year sleep trial and a 25-year warranty.

Before purchasing this brand, you may wonder, where are Avocado mattresses made?

As of today, Avocado mattresses are manufactured in the United States. A California-based manufacturing plant makes the sleeping product and sells it across the world.

where are Avocado mattresses made

On the other hand, New Jersey is responsible for designing each of the mattresses. It is a handmade mattress brand that makes products in its firm located in Los Angeles, California, USA.

The six years old brand makes its mattresses by using non-toxic and natural materials. By the way, Avocado collects organic materials from its firms located in India and Guatemala. 

Besides, there are lots of domestic and international sources around the world as well. The mattresses are designed in Hoboken and made in a Los Angeles-based manufacturing factory. Avocado is creating a truly organic mattress in the USA.

These mattresses are free from toxic chemicals. The mattresses are featured with:

  • Organic Cotton
  •  Natural Latex
  • Organic wool
  • Pocketed Coils

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are Avocado mattresses made in China

Are Avocado mattresses made in China?

The answer is “No.” Avocado mattresses aren’t made in China.

There is no manufacturing plant of the company in the world’s most populous East Asian country. India and Guatemala are widely known as the organic material suppliers for the American mattress company.

Currently, the Avocado mattress company is in an expansion mode while its competitor companies are faltering in the consumer goods markets. It hasn’t expanded its manufacturing plant in China yet.

Additionally, Avocado mattresses aren’t manufactured outside of the United States still. But it is expanding its business in several countries. Most recently the company decided to expand its business in Canada.

According to the sources, Avocado mattress is going to enter the Canadian market. Thus the company will ship its mattresses to Canadian customers. However, Avocado is not making mattresses in China.

Here are some China-made mattress brands:

  • Mengshen Mattress
  • De Rucci Mattress
  • Airland Mattress
  • Foshan Yiroufang Mattress

Is Avocado mattress made in the USA?

Yes, Avocado mattresses are made in the USA.

It is a Los Angeles-based handmade mattress company. Currently, Avocado does not have any subsidiary company or not manufacturing factories outside of the United States.

These mattresses are only made in the USA. But its materials come from several countries across the world. However, the majority of the mattress’s materials come from India and Guatemala.

Avocado has its own domestic firms for collecting those materials. The high-comfort mattresses are manufactured in the company’s own factory with organic and natural materials.

After making the mattresses, Avocado is exporting them to wholesalers and retailers worldwide.

Who manufactures Avocado mattresses?

Avocado manufactures mattresses on its own. There is no third-party company.

It is a handcrafted product. Additionally, the materials like cotton, wool, and latex are collected organically.

A certain number of skilled people are working in the factory to make comfortable mattresses. Some essential equipment including sewing kits is used to create the mattresses.

There is a long process behind Avocado mattresses manufacturing. The mattresses were designed in Hoboken, New Jersey before being handcrafted in their factory located in Los Angeles, California.  

Anyway, the United States is widely known as the only Avocado mattress manufacturing country till now.

who is the owner of Avocado mattresses

Who is the owner of Avocado mattresses?

The eco-organic mattress company is owned by “Avocado Green Brands.” This brand is co-founded by four successful entrepreneurs- Jeff D’Andrea, Jay Decker, Alexandra Duncan, and Mark Abrials.

Jeff D’Andrea is the co-chief executive officer of the mattress brand. In 2016, Avocado Mattress was founded in Hoboken, New Jersey with just $40k by an expert branding team.

In the American mattress industry, Avocado is a well-known and in-demand brand for its eco-friendly products. This brand is making its all products in the United States till now. 

Is Avocado mattresses ethical?

Yes, the Avocado mattress is ethical. 

The company is a Certified B Corporation that is committed to ethical business practices. Besides, it is also committed to Fair Trade. From the very beginning, it is legally operating its business.

Avocado got the certification after meeting the highest standard of verified social as well as excellent environmental performances. Additionally, the workers, suppliers, and customers are also satisfied with their business performance. 

On the other hand, mattresses are made without any kind of toxic chemicals. These are manufactured with harmless materials. They are growing rural and sustainable economies with certified organic wool.

It is secure for the customers. The GOTS has already certified the company’s organic cotton for good quality. However, Avocado has ensured that the mattresses are always ethically sourced on its official website.

Bottom Line

Avocado is a US-based mattress company. Currently, the company has its mattress manufacturing plant only in the United States. This brand provides pillows and bedding besides mattresses at affordable prices.

The best part of the company is that those mattresses are handcrafted with 100% certified organic materials. Avocado mattresses are eco-friendly and sustainable products that aren’t harmful to customers.

Undoubtedly, Avocado is one of the best mattress-manufacturing brands across the world.