Where are Allswell mattresses made 2024

Allswell is a new brand that has been manufacturing luxury mattresses & other bedding appliances for three years.

The majority of Allswell mattresses are designed and made in the United States.

In addition, the company has multiple manufacturing facilities in several locations worldwide.

where are Allswell mattresses made

A few Allswell mattresses are manufactured in Indonesia. In Indonesia, Zinus makes the original Allswell mattress in its manufacturing facility & distributes it to retailers.

Previously, the brand manufactured its mattresses in China. They moved the mattress production facility to Phoenix in 2019.

Since then, Allswell mattresses are proudly made in Arizona, USA.

However, most of the materials are still imported from China to construct the bedding products. These mattresses are CertiPUR-US certified and made with top-grade materials like,

  • Gel memory foam
  • Pocket coils
  • High-density polyfoam

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where are Allswell mattress toppers made

Where are Allswell mattress toppers made?

Allswell mattress toppers are made in the United States. The manufacturing facility is located in New York, 10010, USA.

Initially, Allswell manufactured mattress toppers in a China-based manufacturing plant.

Later, it expanded its production plant to the USA and started manufacturing mattress toppers along with hybrid mattresses.

The company makes mattress toppers for extra comfort and support during sleeping.

Allswell mattress toppers are infused with graphite and contain a 2 to 4-inch single layer of open-cell memory foam.

where are Allswell beds made

Where are Allswell beds made?

Allswell beds are made in Indonesia. After manufacturing, they assemble the beds in the US distribution center and sell them all over the world via the e-commerce platform.

The company makes all types of bed frames to adjust with mattresses perfectly. The manufacturers make beds with the most durable metal or steel frames for lasting a long time.

As a result, these bed frames are extremely strong along with a variety of interior styles. At present, the Allswell bed is one of the most popular budget beds in the United States.

does Walmart own Allswell

Does Walmart own Allswell?

Yes, Walmart owns the Allswell mattress brand. In 2018, an online-based home brand “Allswell” was launched by Walmart.

This fairly new sleep company generated huge popularity in the online mattress industry for high-quality bedding products at an affordable price range.

Walmart owns not only Allswell but also various food brands, grocery brands, apparel brands, and clothing lines including,

  • George
  • Terra & Sky
  • Athletic Works
  • Joyspun
  • Great Value
  • Sam’s Choice

Currently, Allswell is led by Arlyn Davich, an American successful entrepreneur. He is the present president and GM of this home brand. He oversees the growth and operations of the company.

Who manufactures Allswell sleeping products?

Walmart Inc is responsible for manufacturing Allswell sleeping products.

Every sleep product is carefully designed and manufactured in its own manufacturing facilities by skilled and experienced craftsmen.

Walmart Inc is a mix of products along with brands that offers something new for consumers.

Wrap Up

Allswell is a design-centric brand that offers luxe mattresses & stylish bedding. The company’s mattress provides the sleeper with some immediate pressure relief.

At present, its Luxe Hybrid Mattress is the best item among its all bedding products.