Where Are Adidas Shoes Made 2024: All Countries Revealed

Adidas shoes are predominantly made in China and Vietnam. Besides, some pairs are manufactured in Indonesia and Taiwan.

Based in Herzogenaurach, Bavaria, Adidas operates all its manufacturing and distribution operations.

where are Adidas shoes made

Since 1924, Adidas has been manufacturing all of its shoes. The brand has the most significant manufacturing operations in China and Vietnam.

According to the Adidas manufacturing unit, around 40% of Adidas shoes are manufactured in Vietnam. They have shifted some of their manufacturing ventures to Vietnam from China.

Adidas’ supply chain confirmed that their shoes are mainly outsourced from 500 independent factories worldwide.

Adidas has shoe and accessories manufacturing plants in 46 countries. These countries outsource most of their shoes from China and Vietnam.

Adidas’ supply chain is global and multi-layered, with many different types of business partners.

Adidas mainly deals with:

  • Sportswear
  • Clothing
  • Shoes
  • Related Accessories

The best thing about Adidas shoes is their unique design and great functionality.

Both Adidas and Nike are manufactured in China and Vietnam. But, the below three features have made Adidas more special than Nike:

  • 3-D Printed Sole
  • One Piece Leather Uppers
  • Sneakers Created From Recycled Ocean Plastic

Adidas has taken its shoes one step ahead by creating 3-D prints on its shoes. The 3-D image in Adidas shoes has given a fantastic outlook.

The seamless upper used in Adidas shoes will allow for more incredible style and flexibility.

Adidas has shown great concern for the environment. The shoe manufacturer has increased the use of recycled materials.

While manufacturing, Adidas-manufacturer mainly uses polyester in their shoes. The manufacturers have confirmed that they will replace all virgin polyester with recycled polyester by 2024.

Adidas has set clear internal milestones for product creation teams throughout the last few seasons and has seen significant progress.

However, below are the raw materials used in Adidas shoes:

  • Natural Fibers
  • Cotton
  • Leather
  • Recycled Polyester
  • Synthetics
  • Recycled Rubber
  • Wool

The Indonesian factory of Adidas employs more than 100k workers. They make around 75k pairs of Adidas shoes every day.

In Short, Adidas makes their shoes using circumstance materials in China, Vietnam, Indonesia, and Taiwan.

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where are adidas golf shoes made

Golf Shoes

Adidas Golf Shoes are manufactured in China, Indonesia, Vietnam, and Taiwan.

Using premium materials, Adidas mainly makes all of its shoes in Asian countries. Its golf shoes are predominantly made in China and Vietnam.

Nonetheless, some Adidas Golf shoes are manufactured in Indonesia and Taiwan.

Using premium leather, Adidas manufacturer makes its golf shoes. Before manufacturing, the raw leather is processed and then added to the shoe’s exterior, creating a tight-fitting and stretch-free waterproof shoe.

Professional golfers like Collin Morikawa, Xander Schauffele, and Dustin Johnson are the brand ambassadors of Adidas.

where are adidas superstar shoes made

Superstar Shoes

Adidas Superstar Shoes are mainly made in Indonesia, China, and Vietnam.

More than 100k employees work sincerely in the Adidas plant to create its Superstar Shoes.

Adidas introduced its Superstar Shoes to the public in 1970. This type of Adidas shoe is made of leather and rubber shell toe.

Athletes love Adidas Superstar Shoes because of their:

  • Flexibility
  • Next-level grip
  • Lightweight
  • Protection on the court

In short, Adidas makes its Superstar Shoes using premium leather and rubber in Indonesia, China, and Vietnam.

where are Yeezy shoes made

Yeezy Shoes

Adidas Yeezy Shoes are exclusively made in China and the United States.

Yeezys are manufactured under Adidas. Since 2021, Yeezys have been manufactured in the United States.

Kanye West brought the Yeezy production to the United States in 2021.

Yeezy shoes are a collaboration between American rapper Kanye West and the sportswear brand Adidas.

Yeezys offer sneakers in limited edition colorways. Yeezys come with high-top, low-top, and boot styles.

You can wear Yeezys with casual and nighttime looks. Kanye West brought Yeezys with tapered jeans and graphic T-Shirts.

Yeezy shoes are generally made of Primeknit, a proprietary material that utilizes flat-knitting machinery and synthetic yarns.

Kanye West’s Yeezy also features a full-length Boost midsole encased in a ribbed mold. Yeezy shoes are also made of algae foam.

where are adidas stan smith shoes made

Stan Smith Shoes

Adidas Stan Smith Shoes are made in Germany.

In the German manufacturing plant, Adidas-manufacturer makes their premium Stan Smith Shoes.

While manufacturing Stan Smith Shoes, the manufacturer uses full leather uppers and one-off graphite print detailing.

Adidas first launched its Stan Smith Shoes in 1965. Adidas Stan Smith shoes are generally tennis shoes. In 1965, its name was “Adidas Robert Haillet.”

Using advanced manufacturing plants in Germany, Adidas makes its Stan Smith shoes.

where are adidas tennis shoes made

Tennis Shoes

Adidas Tennis Shoes are made in Indonesia, China, and Vietnam.

Throughout China, Indonesia, and Vietnam, Adidas operates high-speed shoe manufacturing. Their Tennis Shoes are primarily manufactured in these three countries.

The upper part of Adidas tennis shoes is made of white leather. Adidas-manufacturers make the outer and inner soles of Adidas tennis shoes using rubber and synthetic material.

Horst Dassler first gave the idea of the first leather tennis shoes.

where are adidas ultraboost shoes made

Ultraboost Shoes

Adidas Ultraboost Shoes are made in China.

You will find the made-in-China label in Adidas Ultraboost shoes. Adidas created the Ultraboost shoes to bring together the formerly contradictory benefits of soft and responsive cushioning.

While manufacturing the Ultraboost shoes, Adidas manufacturers use proprietary thermoplastic urethane (TPU).

Using ARAMIS motion capture technology, Adidas launched its Ultraboost Shoes in 2015. Apart from TPU, Adidas uses the following materials in their Ultraboost shoes:

  • PrimeBlue
  • High-performance recycled material with 50% Parley Ocean
  • Primeknit

However, Adidas makes its Ultraboost shoes in China.

where are adidas basketball shoes made

Basketball Shoes

Adidas Basketball Shoes are made in China, Vietnam, and Indonesia with a dual-density bounce pro midsole.

Adidas’ manufacturer confirmed that all of their basketball shoes are made with recycled content. The most common material used for Adidas Basketball shoes is recycled polyester.

In short, Adidas makes its Basketball shoes in China, Vietnam, and Indonesia.

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Is Adidas for the US Made in the US?

The answer is NO. Adidas never made shoes in the United States.

Adidas shoes are predominantly made in China and Vietnam. Some of its basketball and tennis shoes are manufactured in Taiwan and Indonesia.

But, Adidas has yet to recognize shoe manufacturing plants across the United States. The brand imports shoes from China, Indonesia, and Vietnam and sells them in the United States.

Hence, the shoes you purchase from the United States are manufactured in Asian countries.

where are most adidas shoes made

Where Are Most Adidas Shoes Made?

Today, most Adidas shoes are manufactured in China and Vietnam.

Adidas has shifted its manufacturing facilities to Vietnam. The brand has 21 factories in Vietnam that produce only shoes.

More than 115k employees work in these shoe manufacturing plants in Vietnam. Besides, Adidas has seven and twenty-four factories that make accessories and related apparel, respectively.

The company sources raw materials from China. After sourcing raw materials, Adidas makes most of its products in China and Vietnam.

are adidas shoes made in sweatshops

Are Adidas Shoes Made in Sweatshops?

It has been reported that Adidas has been using sweatshop workers and child labor.

In this modern era, child labor and sweatshop workers are not allowed. Adidas still uses sweatshop workers and child labor to make its products cheaply and grow into a multinational corporation.

Most of the Adidas factories are located across Asia. Adidas gets extra privileges from China, Vietnam, and Indonesia as the availability of labor and cost is deficient.

However, Adidas is getting better at disclosing its subcontractors. In this way, they are eliminating sweatshops and child labor.

Apart from Adidas, the below brands also have sweatshops:

  • Nike
  • Old Navy
  • Electronic Brands
  • H&M

These companies are also taking necessary steps to stop their sweatshops.

How Many Sweatshops does Adidas Have?

Currently, Adidas has 1,200 factories across 65 countries around the world. Though the exact number of Adidas sweatshops is unknown, most factories use child labor.

After Nike, Adidas is the second-largest sportswear manufacturer in the world. Nike and Adidas have been using sweatshops to make their products cheaply and grow into multinational corporations.

Most of the Adidas sweatshops are located across China and Vietnam. The vast manufacturing operation for Adidas products is done in Vietnam.

Consequently, Adidas has to use sweatshop workers to maintain its vast manufacturing.

which company manufactures Adidas

Which Company Manufactures Adidas?

Adidas AG is the manufacturer of Adidas.

Though Adidas is a German brand, most of its manufacturing plants are in Asian countries.

In 1924, Adidas began its journey as a sportswear brand worldwide. Today, the brand has become the second-largest sportswear manufacturer in the world.

The key company behind Adidas’s manufacturing operations is Adidas AG. Under the instruction of Adidas AG, all of its products are manufactured in Asia.

Adidas has two subsidiaries. These subsidiaries are:

  • Matix
  • Adidas Runtastic

However, Adidas AG manufactures every product of Adidas.

Who Owns Adidas?

Adidas AG is the owner of Adidas.

Since 1924, Adidas AG has been manufacturing and distributing its products worldwide. Under the instructions of Adidas AG, all sportswear products of Adidas are manufactured in Asia.

Adidas AG has made 21.92 billion euros selling Adidas products as of this writing.